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Over the last 7 years, NRG Events has brought together experts in Simulation Technologies in different industries. Technology providers, Operators, Research Institutes, Universities have benefited from the business platforms created by NRG Events in Nuclear Energy, Oil & Gas and Rail.


 We have now combined the experience and expertise in the Energy sector by creating a spectacular new event called ESTEC, Energy Simulation Technology, Exhibition & Conference. The first edition will take place in the beautiful city of Barcelona on 30 & 31 May 2018.Experts from all over the globe will gather to experience the latest developments in simulation technology for training & education, operations & maintenance, strategy, research & development and design within the Energy Industry. There will be demos and special presentations during the exhibition, with the latest technologies on display such as 3D Visualization, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.


 The attendees will be from all areas of the Energy Industry such as Nuclear Power, Oil & Gas (upstream & downstream, maritime), Conventional Power Plants, Renewable Energy, Training Institutes, Research Institutes, Universities and anyone else interested in this dynamic world of Simulation Technology.The conference will have two days of exciting presentations, demos and interactive panel sessions in which the future of Simulation Technology for the Energy Industry will be discussed. We are looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona!

Maersk Training: Simulator Training

“They’re building the muscle memory to handle these emergencies.” How a Maersk drilling simulator is preparing our operators to be deal with the most challenging situations


Top Industry Leading Speakers sharing unique information and experience through a two day exclusive stream of presentations for you to take strategic insights back to your company.



Networking and benchmarking opportunities from a selected group of Professionals eager to meet, share and network during the Forum.



Unique Panel Discussions and Presentations to provide you with the answers to overcome your future plans and challenges. Presentations material will be shared for after/internal review.


The MUST GO event of the year!

ESTEC - The Energy Simulation Technology Exhibition and Conference
[ keynote presentations -  technology exhibition - live DEMOs ]
30th - 31st May 2018

Barcelona - Spain


Technology Exhibiting Area demonstrating the latest developments in Simulation Technologies applications and Training services. Witness technology from first hand.





New technology Impact and best practices on education & training among other topics to be discussed through presentations, panel discussions and other interactive activities.









The Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD) offers higher education and research and development (R&D) activities within technical subjects, arts and design. The Faculty has approximately 3.000 students and 270 staff members and is situated at Pilestredet Campus in downtown Oslo and at Kjeller Campus in Akershus.


EDF Energy

EDF Energy

EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest energy companies and its largest producer of low-carbon electricity. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the EDF Group, one of Europe’s largest energy groups, we generate around one fifth of the UK’s electricity and employ around 15,000 people. We supply electricity and gas to around 5.5 million residential and business customers, making us the biggest supplier of electricity by volume.
The company is organised into the following business units:
Nuclear Generation operates eight nuclear power stations in the UK with a combined capacity of over 9 million kilowatts – electricity that is vital to the UK economy.
Nuclear New Build is tasked with the delivery of the new generation of nuclear plants in line with EDF’s global programme of producing safe, affordable, reliable, low-carbon electricity in the UK.

WARP Industries

WARP Industries

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Together we create the future of learning
We believe in Continuous Mobile Learning. Learning is an integral part of life and should be made flexible, relevant,
engaging and always available. We combine the power of Virtual Reality (VR) with your mobile device. With our VR L
earning solution on your phone, you will find yourself in your selected learning space immediately. Whether it is
into an emergency situation to practice CPR or onto a rig platform to apply safety rules and regulations. You will be
able to train anywhere without the additional cost of travelling while saving lots of time. Look anywhere.
See everything. Take action. Interact. Reflect. Learn.




Platinum Sponsor

L3 MAPPS is an established leader in the supply of control systems and simulations for the marine, power generation and space sectors. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, L3 MAPPS has operating units located in the United Kingdom and India. L3 MAPPS is a company with ideas and vision; A company with a desire to create value through innovation.

A company with the experience and resources to make a difference. L3 MAPPS has anticipated customers’ evolving needs and partnered with them to deliver innovative solutions. L3 MAPPS makes a concerted effort to listen carefully to customers and work closely with them to meet their challenging needs.


TSC Simulation

TSC Simulation

Gold Sponsor

TSC Simulation is a private UK company with a 38-year record in dynamic process simulation solutions especially for the Oil, Gas, Chemical, Nuclear and Pharmaceutical industries.

TSC’s dynamic simulations are designed for high fidelity thermodynamic modelling of process plants. The simulations are designed for engineering verification and competence assurance within the Oil & Gas and Process industries.

Multi component analysis with a full heat and mass balance allows the simulations to be used for plant and control system optimisation globally.

TSC’s innovative technology can also incorporate realistic 3D immersive virtual reality linked to a high-fidelity simulator.


... includes


Silver Sponsor

Indra is one of the world's top technology and consulting companies and a technology partner for the key operations of its clients’ businesses worldwide. It is a leading worldwide provider of proprietary solutions in niche areas in the Transport and Defense Markets and the absolute leader in IT in Spain and Latin America. It offers a comprehensive range of proprietary solutions and cutting edge services with a high added value in technology based on a unique culture of reliability, flexibility and adaptability to the needs of its customers. Indra is a world leader in the development of end-to-end technology solutions in fields such as Defense and Security, Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Telecommunications and Media, Financial Services, Electoral Processes, and Public Administrations and Healthcare. Minsait is Indra’s digital transformation business unit.

In 2017 Indra posted a revenue of €3,011m, employed 40,000 professionals, and had a local presence in 46 countries plus sales operations in more than 140 countries.


GSE Systems

GSE Systems

GSE is a world leader in real-time, high-fidelity simulation. We develop and provide simulation and educational solutions to the nuclear and fossil fuel electric power industry, the chemical, process and manufacturing industries, and to the U.S. Government and military. In addition, GSE provides plant monitoring and signal analysis monitoring and optimization software primarily to the electric power industry.




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We at Inprocess have an established track record of mutual cooperation with the main providers of process simulators, and have unique firsthand experience and in-depth knowledge of the underlying simulator technology.




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Since 1992, Simtronics® has developed and delivered innovative Operator Training Simulators (OTS) for the Process Industries and the educational institutions that train Operators and Technicians. Simtronics brings extensive simulation and training experience together with the latest technology for a proven, progressive, and exciting simulator system.
From global petrochemical companies to process technology training institutes, our clients have chosen Simtronics to provide the most cost-effective solution to their training and simulation needs. Please contact Simtronics for a complete list of industrial or educational clients.




More than 55 years after the creation of the company, Tecnatom is nowadays a reference in the nuclear industry. Our main activities include the rendering of inspection and component structural integrity services, the training of operations personnel by means of full-scope simulators and the plant operation support.
In order to contribute to ensuring that electricity generating plants have optimally qualified operations, maintenance, engineering and technical support personnel whose performance serves to improve safety, availability and economic efficiency, Tecnatom provides overall training services in a wide range of fields: process technology, operation and maintenance, human factors, non-destructive testing, management skills, etc.
Particularly in the simulation area, Tecnatom has over 30 years of experience in nuclear power plant training simulators and has developed a large number of Full Scope Simulators for nuclear power plants worldwide. Tecnatom operates all the Spanish Full Scope Simulators, and has developed the methodology to use the FSS as engineering tool.
This large experience in simulators has allowed the company to develop a new simulation tools environment, TEAM-Suite®, in order to guarantee the technological independence of Tecnatom when addressing new simulation projects, either in relation to training simulators or to simulation tools for engineering support. This environment is made up of different tools, each specialized in the generation of models simulating the different types of systems involved in a process, such as hydraulic and electrical networks, logic, control and regulation systems, HMI, etc.

Smart Eye

Smart Eye

Silver Sponsor

Our vision began as a dream that awoke our curiosity. When we researched its premise, how eyes could help technology understand human behaviour, we saw the future of eye tracking. In 1999, we set out to make it a reality.

Smart Eye was founded to bridge the gap between man and machine for a better, sustainable tomorrow. We do it by developing groundbreaking eye tracking technology that understands, assists and predicts human intentions and actions. Through combining deep, technical knowledge with playful creativity. And with the persistence needed to push forward despite realizing that perfect, seamless integration is an unattainable concept.




Silver Sponsor

Systran is a process-driven company that caters to the documentation and development needs of the hydrocarbon processing industry. Originally founded in 1978 in Chicago, we’ve been under our present ownership in Houston since 1987.

Our company revolves around a simple concept: trained employees keep your facility running efficiently, effectively and, most importantly, safely. We take that simple goal to heart and remember that the foundation of our business is making complex processes, procedures and systems manageable for our clients so their workforce can perform effectively. We pride ourselves on creating documentation that’s easy to understand and efficient for your operators to follow, because explaining systems in a way that makes sense is [Step 1.] to a safer and more efficient place to work.




Silver Sponsor









Strategic Partner

Power plants, Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance

RENOVETEC is a technical training company, and his specialty is teaching technical courses in areas of Power Generation, Industrial Maintenance and Renewable Energy.

RENOVETEC also works with several companies to provide advice on projects development such as: equipment selection, maintenance plans implementation, due diligence (techniques for financial institutions), financial models and feasibility studies, failure analysis, technical audits…




Strategic Partner & Exhibitor

The Clúster de l'Energia Eficient de Catalunya (CEEC) is driving collaborative projects related to clean and efficient energy and in turn also serves as a platform for the dissemination of its partners’ projects. Innovation, market demands and mainstreaming initiatives are some of the main features of the projects.



Academic Partner & Exhibitor

CITCEA-UPC is a technology transfer centre of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC BarcelonaTech), specialized in responding to the needs of enterprises to build functional prototypes that can be industrialized and commercialized. In order to carry this out, we build a client-supplier relationship with the enterprises we collaborate with.


This two day Exhibition & Conference event will showcase the latest Simulation Technology developments and solutions in Training strategies and Operations including an exclusive and interactive exhibiting area with a full day of interactive sessions. The event features a two day forum/conference where attendees will hear +20 cutting edge presentations from leading experts representing the Energy & Power Industry, Training Simulation Vendors, Training & Development Institutes, Research Institutes and Universities. The two day event will go through the following topics:
  • NH Hesperia Hotel Exhibition Centre
    Gran Via, 144. 08907 Barcelona, España.

  • May 30th - 31st, 2018
    08:30 am - 05:00pm

  • Tech Exhibition
    Experience latest technology

08.30 - 09.15 Welcome to ESTEC2018 show - Energy Simulation Technology Exhibition and Conference
Registration and accreditation process
Today's unprecedented impact of integrating technology on the Energy Engineering industry.
09.30 - 10.00 Sam Jago - TSC Simulation

Future Training for the energy sectors. New simulation and technology tools.

10.00 - 10.30 Michael Chatlani, Bernard Gagnon, L3 MAPPS

Bridging the Gap: Enhancing Newcomer Training

· Challenges related to training industry newcomers (new generation) · Principles to enhance teaching and learning · What is L3 MAPPS doing to enhance training programs? o Learning Modules o System Knowledge Modules o Learning Simulators
10.30 - 11.00 Tim Judge - SIMTRONICS

Integrating Mobile, Virtual, Simulation and Hands-On Training to Improve Operations Workforce Development

Simulate real-world tasks to decrease time to competency Incorporate VR/AR technologies with proven learning methods to improve engagement and comprehension Focus on practical application with links to foundation knowledge Provide anywhere/just-in time access to training, documentation and procedures using mobile devices Support individual, small group, and remote training
11.00 - 11.30 ... ENJOY!


11.30 - 12.00 Nigel Sams - Andoni Gonzalo - Siemens

Brownfield Plant – a Digital journey to 3D Virtual Plant

Main topics: - How to enable Brownfield projects for being use in a full digitalized environment - Real use case of Endesa plant in Besos, Barcelona. Brief description: - In the last years digitalization has become a big trend in the Energy sector but old Brownfield projects had a hard time to get realistic Virtual environments. Endesa, together with Siemens and its partners, has started a challenging journey to make their old plants available for their operators in order to let them plan better, train faster and operate more efficiently.
12.00 - 12.30 Manel Serra - Inprocess group

Maximizing return on operator training investment: virtualization and web based technologies

“Operator Training solutions based on rigorous dynamic simulation and control system software emulation have a been a reality for many years. Although many initiatives have been done to bring web-based content to operator training, it is only recently that these technologies are being applied successfully to leverage the more complex training solutions based on rigorous simulation. Hence, those training systems that had to be physically deployed at every site where operators were trained, with the evolution of the software technologies to support and enable mobility can now be remote by combining some of these latest developments, such as e-learning standards, virtualization and remote application presentation. This distributed framework enabled brings new opportunities to training systems: it does not only facilitate scalability of the training sessions or overall system maintenance, but it also grants access to comprehensive training to more people in many different conditions. The return of investment in training and education is then maximized by easing the access to many more people. In this presentation these concepts are explained by using two real implementations of training systems for operators, with different levels of complexity, one at a European refinery, and another at the headquarters of a European process licensor”
12.30 - 13.00 Estrella Jara - INDRA

Virtual Reality as an enabler for Safe operations in the Oil & Gas Industry. Repsol and Enagas case studies

13.00 - 14.30 ... ENJOY!


14.30 - 15.00 Gill Grady - GSE Systems

EnVision On-Demand | Web-based, self-paced simulation and training

15.00 - 15.30 ABB - Roberto Lopez

Lifecycle Simulation: Simulation through the plant lifecycle

- Plant Challenges: Why to use a Simulator? - Lifecycle Simulation philosophy: Where does Simulator fit? - Success Stories: What is the value of the Simulator?
15.30 - 16.00 networking break - exhibiting area
16.00 - 16.30 CITCEA

Distributed energy resources emulator platforms for smart grids solutions

The importance of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in the power system is increasing: renewable distributed generation, storage, electric vehicles, demand response, microgrids (a combination of the formers), etc. Thus, new concepts on control, operation, design and protection are required to be developed. R+D+i activities for dealing with these based on real devices usually requires quite a lot of time and a large investment. In order to reduce this time, emulator platforms include emulation devices consisting on both software and a hardware (based on power electronics ), which allow to physically represent the behaviour of such different resources and test them . With such emulation platform, damage real setups is avoided, different scenarios can be tested using the same devices, space requirement and cost are lower, and time scale is flexible.”
16.30 - 17.00 CEEC
PANEL Panel Discussion: The Future of Engineering Training: New Simulation and technology tools vs urgent efficiency, return on investment and learning curve

Registration and accreditation process for those who did not attend on Day 1
09.30 - 10.00 Laura marciano - OsloMet - HiOA

Online feedback for simulator training

Feedback is a key factors of effective industrial simulator training. The availability of expert instructors is scarce.
10.00 - 10.30 Beatriz Batanero - INDRA

Keys for a Labor Risks Prevention Training. G80X Simulator for Iberdrola

· Keys for a Labor Risks Prevention Training · Indra experience in Simulation · Assess the existing technology as appropriate to your goals · Case of Study: G80X Wind Turbine Simulator for Iberdrola
10.30 - 11.00 Tecnatom
11.30 - 12.00 Vincent Gagnon- Bernard Gagnon- L3 MAPPS

Gen 6 Instructor Station: Ready for Use

· Following an intense development and testing program, L3 MAPPS recently released the 6th generation of its Orchid® Instructor Station; · The new version is specifically designed for touch devices as well as desktops with or without touch capabilities; · In addition to a brief overview of the instructor station software, L3 MAPPS will provide a live demonstration of the revamped Orchid® Instructor Station.
12.00 - 12.30 PhD Jordi Freixa - UPC

From the experiment to the power plant

Building up a simulation tool for a nuclear power plant is a complex task which involves the management of huge amounts of data including the geometrical details, material composition, detailed control systems and definition of physical models in selected locations. Therefore the accuracy of a simulation tool will not only depend on the quality of the software behind the scenes but also on the experience of the user who inputs all the details of the power plant into the model. Acquiring and training this experience is crucial.
12.30 - 13.00 Mr. Matti Paljakka - VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Simulation as a part of the engineering workflow

13.00 - 14.30 ... ENJOY!


14.30 - 15.00 Vincent Gagnon - Bernard Gagnon - L3 MAPPS

Graphical Models Creation & Configuration Management Made Easy with Orchid®

· L3 MAPPS first launched its real-time, object-based simulation and runtime graphical environment ROSE® (now Orchid® Modeling Environment) in 1991; · Since then, Orchid® Modeling Environment has been enhanced making the creation, calibration, integration and testing of graphical models easier than ever; · Embedded within Orchid® Modeling Environment are comprehensive configuration control and management features specifically designed for graphical models.
15.00 - 15.30 Santiago Garcia - Renovetec

4 SOLAR CV : Simulation for minimal Training qualifications and requirements from a ThermoSolar Plant .

15.30 - 16.00 NETWORKING BREAK
16.00 - 16.30 Adriaan Rijkens - WARP
Making learning personal: real and scalable powered by VR
16.40 Closing Remarks from our chairman


The Oil & Gas Training and Simulation Forum has become the must-attend event in the region for O&G professionals involved in the use and develop of Simulation Technology and Training/Strategies - best practices. Some of our delegates experience as follows:    

“All aspects for the use of simulation in the Oil and Gas Industry were fully discussed and future possibilities were explored”

ROV Resource and Training Manager

“Great time spent to meet latest technologies used for Operator Training, on both; the Control Room Operators with advance Operator Training Simulators and the Field Operators with Immersive Training Simulator”

Product Manager

“The event was very informative with most of the key players in the industry present.Excellent networking opportunities and hospitality!”

SIM Engineer

“The Conference has been a unique opportunity to capture in 3 days the State of the Art of the Operator Training Systems (OTS) and Immersive Training Systems (ITS), and discuss among colleagues what is next to come in this industry.Thanks for this opportunity and we are sure we will be back next year.”



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Here you will be able to find answers to some of the common doubts towards the Forum. If you can not find any specific information through the whole website please use the contact form and we will be back to you shortly.

What are the Forum main topics?

The Forum will address skills development requirements and effective training approaches that can apply to the full span of employees in today’s Energy & Power Industry, from new workers to experienced, Design, Projects, Operation and Maintenance employees, HoD’s, and Mid-senior level management personnel. The challenge for many End Users throughout Plant lifecycle is to manage the replacement of retiring employees to the new generation without disturbing Productivity and improve Plant reliability.The event will focus on the latest developments in Training and Simulation for entire Process lifecycle; will cover upstream, midstream and downstream, business process simulations, HR/Training and Development.

Who will attend?

It will bring together those who are involved with simulators, training personnel, training managers, operation support managers and anyone with an interest in simulators or those who develop or use simulation tools on any stage of the Energy & Power lifecycle.


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  • NH HESPERIA BARCELONA PRESIDENTE Exhibition & Conference Centre Hospitalet de Llobregat Gran Via, 144. 08907 Barcelona, España. (+34)916008146| https://www.nh-hotels.com

  • 30th - 31st May 2018 - 08.30 / 17.00


  • For SPONSORSHIP enquiries please contact Brian Tjon | brian.tjon@nrg-events.com  | Tel BCN: 0034 656 886 245

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